This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


The Mailfix module integrates Drupal with Postfix, providing email accounts to regular Drupal accounts.

For this module to work you must have previously installed and configured Postfix 2.1 or greater. A step-by-step installation guide for an Ubuntu 8.04 server is available at HowToForge.

Once your Postfix server is appropriately configured you may install this Drupal module.


Domain settings (admin/settings/mailfix):

  • You can manage multiple domains for mail delivery
  • Per domain default quota (default is 100 MB)

User settings:

  • Drupal and mail accounts share the same password, thus allowing users to manage their credentials from a single location.
  • Users can access their mailbox using POP3, POP3S, IMAP and IMAPS
  • Individual quota support for mailbox
  • Mail forwarding (useful for disabled accounts, temporary leave or vacation)
  • Silent BCC monitoring of specified accounts
  • Translation files: Spanish

Future features:

  • Auto-responder (vacation, temporary leave)
  • More translation files

Users with administer users privileges can configure individual settings, such as mail quota, automatic forwarding, outgoing and incoming BCC.

Just committed (July 3 AEST):Users with Edit own mailfix settings permission can modify whether/where their email is forwarded.

Users with administer site configuration privileges can manage domains.


See INSTALL.txt for install/upgrade instructions.


  1. Go to admin/settings/mailfix
  2. Register all mail domains that your Drupal server manages. You must specify default quota for every domain.

Once registered, all existing accounts matching your newly registered domain will be configured with default quota.

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