This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy. - is Russian national email service.
Описание на русском:

Statistics show up to 60%-70% user registrations using emails from service in Russia

This module is a collection of three modules.

mail_ru_auth - allows users to enter the site using an account at

  • Automatic detection of emails for registered users
  • Option to change email to service on connection to
  • Ability to assign multiple roles for new users
  • Synchronizing the avatar on each user login (optionally for each user)
  • Add or delete connection to from user profile page

mail_ru_share - allows users to share contents of the Website with friends in a social network My World

  • Select node types to display "Share" link
  • Select full page or/and teaser to display "Share" link

mail_ru_analitycs - allows administrators to evaluate the effectiveness of the module mail_ru_auth

  • Display statistics of user emails across all registered users
  • Admin can see how much emails from are on the site

1. Download module from

2. Copy files to your modules directory. Often its 'sites/all/modules'

3. Go to admin/modules page and enable Auth module

4. Now you have to register your web-site
Go to
You have to be logged at
Accept user agreement.
Enter title of your site and front page url

After registration you've got ID, Secret key and Private key
You have to enter these values at the module settings page.

6. Go to admin/settings/mail_ru_auth
enter your ID, Secret key and Private key
Login button will be displayed only if you have entered all 3 values.

Описание на русском:

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