This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module attempts to bridge the gap between Mailhandler and Organic Groups by allowing users to post content to groups using a specific email address rather than learning mailhandler commands. For example, for the group "Bridges of London", users would be able to email and have content directly posted to that group (provided the user has sufficient privileges).

To see how this module compares to og_mailinglist see this discussion.


Administrators need to be able to configure email addresses (preferably a catchall address) on their domain to handle the incoming mail which is then handled by Mailhandler. If you can not create a catchall address you will need to build aliases for each group that has email posting enabled.


(This section was stolen from the section of the same name on the OG Mailinglist project page.)

This module allows group members to post to your site directly from their email box -- it bypasses their login name and password and simply matches the email address. This can be spoofed by anyone smart enough to do it. The module has some security in place, but by its very nature, it is a potential security risk. Use this module only on sites where this is acceptable.


  • 6.x-1.0 branch is compatible with Mailhandler 6.x-1.x
  • 6.x-2.0 branch is compatible with Mailhandler 6.x-2.x

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