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Magic tabs is an implementation of tabs that are loaded using ajax, but are fully accessible and degrade beatifully if Javascript is not available.


  • Tabs are loaded dynamically using ajax calls
  • You can use many tab groups in a page
  • When JS is turned off, the tabs look the same, and are accessible using full page reloads. The status of other tab boxes on the page is kept across page loads
  • You can theme individual tab box, as well as all of them together
  • You can set which tab is active by default, but if the user selected a different tab, it will become the default for the rest of the session.

This module does not expose any UI. Consult the README file to find out how to use it.


The original idea was inspired by bjaspan and the description of his implementation of magic tabs.
The module name is taken from that thread as well, since it virtually does the same thing.
Besides the thread above and the name, there is no relation to the code running in the New York Observer site.

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