The magic forms module supplies several FAPI tweeks allowing for easier customization of forms.

Features include:

  • Custom error handling
    • Grouped error messages (multiple errors per field).
    • Grouped error messages anchored to the respective fields.
    • Field errors - Place the error in the field wrapper.
    • Field error wrapper - Place a error wrapper around the field with a custom css class.
  • Skip form validation - Can set which fields (cancel, delete, etc) which should not validate the form, allowing a node to be deleted without it needed to validate.
  • Field validation
    • Field validation callbacks with custom error messages.
    • URL validation - valid url, scheme and domain.
    • Email validation - valid email and domain.
    • Custom validators supplied via hooks.
  • HTML5
    • Placeholder - with jQuery compatibility if the browser does not support it.
    • Required.
    • HTML5 fields - email, url and number.

The configuration can be applied to the form using FAPI (hook_form, hook_form_alter) or using the UI.

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