This module extends the maestro workflow engine module to support forms created by the webform module. This module adds a new task type that can be used in the maestro workflow editor to create forms based workflows that require review and approval.

This module includes a new task type that recognizes all the defined webforms and will launch the webform as a task for initial editing or later for edit if the workflow includes another webform task or if the workflow routes back to the initial webform task. When editing the webform task properties, you specify the instance name for the web form. This allows workflows to possibly include the same webform more then once in the same workflow.

Also included in the module are two interactive functions for review/approval of an webform (where you specify the webform instance name in the interactive task), and a review only interactive task. These tasks present the user with a link to bring up the referenced webform for review (view only) or edit.

The module development was sponsored by Perimeter Institute and xyratex

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