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Macro Code extends the Macro module to provide automatic exporting of macros to "component" files. A component file is simply a .macro file with one or more macros. Component files should be used to group form submissions whenever it makes sense.

The purpose of keeping form macros (form submissions) in files is to provide an easy way of duplicating settings (database) changes between multiple copies of the same project (such as development, staging & production environments).

This helper module is not intended to duplicate the functionaly provided by modules such as Features, but rather provide a "catch-all" solution for form submissions that Features (and similar modules) do not support.

The intended workflow is as follows:
- make form changes until you are satisfied with the result
- create a component file and "resume recording" on it
- re-submit all forms which contain data required for that piece of
- stop recording
- commit component file to version control
- pull in the component file on another server and import it (if this is the
production environment, the component file can also be deleted from version
control at this point)

Development sponsored by ImageX Media.

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