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For businesses using Lyris ListManager to deliver mailing lists and newsletters, this module leverages the Lyris SOAP API to allow you to create, save and deliver mailing list content as well as allow users to subscribe and unsubscribe from lists right from your site.

Version Support

The current supported Lyris API version is 10.x, while 11.x is partially supported and can easily be adapted to be supported as well.

What it Does Now

  • Create a new list
  • Import an existing list
  • Manage subscribers
  • Allow users to subscribe and unsubscribe
  • Create list content
  • Deliver list content (mailings)
  • Setup permissions hierarchies to allow lower-level roles to safely generate and deliver content
  • Manage unsubscribe requests

Features In Progress

  • Complete support for Lyris API 11.x
  • Display list content on the site as browsable content (similar to nodes)
  • Import list content from Lyris
  • Incorporate lists, content, mailings and subscribers into Views
  • Create single-list Subscribe and Unsubscribe buttons as blocks

Changes in 2.0-Alpha2

In Alpha2 I've dropped password_field as a dependency and moved the lyris credentials away from the Field API all together. After updating you will need to enter your credentials into the new tab under your user account settings. Also, don't forget to set your server admin credentials in your settings.php.

I could really use some proofreaders, usability feedback, beta testers and patchers if anyone is can help.

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