This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Lucid Main goal

  • A responsive HTML5 theme as dynamic as any Drupal base theme.

Javascript libraries needed for IE

For the HTML5 markup and the responsive design (css media queries) to work properly in older versions of Internet Explorer you need to use two external javascript sources. We recommend the following solutions. Download both of these and place them in a libraries folder of your choice.

If these files aren't downloaded Lucid will load them from their external sources. It is recommended that you download them and let Drupal load them locally, though.

Responsive layout


  • Template files and layout should as far as possible use HTML 5 markup.
  • Question: To what extent are we going to override markup output from Drupal Core and Contrib?


  • Lucid should provide a reset file with general html reset as well as Drupal specific reset.
  • Lucid should provide a "normalizer" css file to be used as a good starting point for a site.

Panels & Panels everywhere

  • Lucid should be arranged to work well with Panels and Panels Everywhere.
  • Lucid should come with several pre-defined layouts to be used in Panels.
  • Question: How many layouts, and which layouts, are necessary for building most sites?
  • Question: How far are we from a solution of a flexible grid builder to be used in Panels?
  • Question: How well will Lucid work for sites not running Panels?

.tpl.php files & template.php

  • While we want to keep Lucid as clean as possible, we might want to edit a lot of output from Drupal. Where do we draw the line?

Project information