The LT4L module provides a connection between the tagging of Drupal content and the items in a library's catalog. With the LibraryThing for Libraries service, libraries can set up accounts, upload information about their catalog, and tag items within it. When a library patron views an item in the online catalog, LibraryThing for Libraries presents related content via tags.

How does the LT4L module work?

This module uses a LibraryThing for Libraries script to gather a list of items in a library catalog related to a given Drupal node, for display in a block on a single node page. The module gathers terms used for the node and then queries LibraryThing for Libraries. The query includes the library's LibraryThing for Libraries id, which is entered in this modules settings page. The module first attempts to retrieve the desired number of items which are tagged with all of the tags in use by this node. If enough results are not achieved, the list is completed with a random assortment of items tagged with only one of the node's terms. This module is intended for use on a single node page.

Project information