LoopFuse OneView

Using this module, organizations of any size can integrate their Drupal website with LoopFuse OneView to automate marketing processes. LoopFuse is an open source solution that enables enterprises to automate web activity tracking, lead qualification and lead scoring activities. Acquia funded the development of the initial version of the module as part of their effort to connect their corporate Drupal web site with the LoopFuse OneView application. LoopFuse has taken over the project for version 6.x and, as such, the modules do differ in scope and dependency.



Current Maintainers:

Version 6.x Contributors:

Version 5.x contributors:

Thanks to

The creators and maintainers of the Google Analytics module, which provided the basis for the loopfuse analytics sub-module.

This project has been sponsored by:

Acquia. - Version 5.x
Acquia provides commercial Drupal support.
LoopFuse OneView is an open source marketing automation suite for demand generation activities.

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