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This module forcibly sets all path aliases to 'undefined' language, despite all other locale or i18n settings.

Drupal's locale module includes a lot of great features for supporting multilingual sites. One such feature is the ability to associate a language with a path alias. This allows you to have one node with two versions, let's say an English version and a Spanish version. In this case, both the English and Spanish versions would have their own path alias.

But your use case may not require language-specific paths per node. Maybe you want to call a spade a spade—you've got a Spanish node or and English node and that's it. No fancy multiple versions. One node = one path.

Well then you need this module. It will force all path aliases to have an 'undefined' language, whether the associated node be in English, Spanish, or Swahili. This generally simplifies the administrative experience.

The development of this module was done as part of the U.S. Department of Justice project.

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