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The Listkeeper list management module allows a user to easily maintain a lookuplist. It is primarily a secondary module, which allows other modules to use it to allow a user to seamlessly administer any items that would appear in a dropdown list, among other possible uses.

In addition to seamless list management and an easy to use, intuitive user interface, Listkeeper encapsulates a few new tricks which sets it apart from other list management modules. First off, Listkeeper takes things back to basics; it is a port from another environment where it has had years in the hands of end users and the interface has been tuned for ease of use from non-technical users. Providing an easy to use interface leaves the hard work for the developers and the the site administration to the users, without the need to consult documentation or the developers!

Secondly, Listkeeper allows for a number of different field options when defining a list. The first and most basic is as Static Value field, where the administrator will add static values, such as country names; nothing fancy there. The second field type is to get the values from another list, which allows for relational lists and advanced dropdown lists that filter a secondary dropdown list based on the value selected in the first list. For example, adding a "States" list would have a static field for our States, and a dynamic list to relate it back to the country.

The last field option leaves it open to the developer, where custom lists can be created. Currently as an example we distribute the Listkeeper_get_users type with Listkeeper, which when used will populate dropdown of users, which allows creation of lists such as supervisor / employees dropdown, among many other possible applications.


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