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Update December 2011: The listing location module now has a release candidate. The Listing Premium module is now in place to create paid listings of different levels for different periods of time in conjunction with node checkout, node checkout scheduler and scheduler.

The listing module enables listings of all kinds such as jobs, online courses, real estate, hotels, restaurants, classifieds and any kind of business or sales listing, especially those which involve location. It is being developed as a modular system comprising a core listing module upon which different components can be added. The following modules are included.

This module provides the glue that holds together content types, views and other drupal systems to enable:
1. jobs to be applied for, applicants sorted and communicated with.
2. listings to be searched based on location module settings and displayed with map AND listings on same page
3. listing fields to be displayed or hidden according to what the author has paid
4. listings to be searched on based on addresses module and taxonomy module settings
5. menus to be autocreated based on content types and taxonomy
6. and other features

listing.module - this provides the basic listing functionality and users tick content types to be listing content types to which we can then apply any number of components as follows:

listing_job.module - this enables some listing content types to be used as jobs so that people can apply to them. Applications are stored as nodes and *new* recruiters can communicate with applicants via the privatemsg module.

listing_location.module - this provides search using categories and the location module with either proximity search or city search. Data is required in the location zipcodes table. This can be used in conjunction with the geoip module to enable auto IP detection for showing the current user location (provided their location is valid for your site settings). Also included is a featured listings block. This module is now compatible with taxonomy_menu.

listing_address.module - this provides search using adv_taxonomy_menu and the addresses modules.

listing_menu – this auto-creates a simple content type taxonomy driven menu for those who desire it

For paid listings use node checkout, node checkout scheduler and scheduler modules in conjunction with each other along with ubercart. These modules enable users to purchase listings that have a predetermined expiry date.

All of the listings use Views so can be easily reconfigured.

listing_location and listing_menu can be found in use here, listing_job and listing_address can be found here and listing_location can be found here.

Testing and posting of issues requested.

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