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link_socicon in actions

link_socicon module provides:
- field formatter Link Socicon: turn your links (field type link from Drupal's core) into Socicon's icons (
- socicon library definition so you can use it anywhere


  1. Download Socicon (
  2. Copy downloaded folder to link_socicon (Correct path is modules/link_socicon/socicon)
  3. Enable module link_socicon

Use as a field formatter

  1. Add Link field to your content type, maybe you need to enable module Link first
  2. Follow Installation steps
  3. In your content type display settings (admin/structure/types/manage/{your-content-type}/display), select Link Socicon
    as field Link display.

Use as a library

  1. Follow Installation steps
  2. In your Drupal's render-able array, attach socicon library

    $elements = array(
          '#type' => 'container',
          '#attached' => array(
            'library' => array(
  3. Follow Socicon offical instruction to use it -

<span class="socicon">A</span> <!-- Twitter icon -->

Change icon color, size

.socicon {
       font-family: 'socicon' !important;
       font-size: 16px;
       color: #cacaca;

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