Simple and lightweight e-commerce solution for Drupal.


  • Session-stored basket.
  • Adding to basket and its subsequent editing/checkout process is done using AJAX. Also it works fine when JavaScript is turned off.
  • Node based shoping. As the product can be assigned to any node type. One or more. With full support Field API features (regarding nodes).
  • Orders history. For each order will be created a separate node.
  • There is no dependence on other modules.
  • Full support for working with anonymous users
  • Integration with Views.


After installing the module you can configure settings by navigating
to: admin/config/lightshop.

1. On the settings page you need specify:

First tab - General Settings.

  • The site e-mail for notifications about new orders.
  • Specify what node types are product.
  • Optionally you may specify whether to display the graph with quantity of the product and its price (and which field will contain this value).

Second tab - Notification Settings.

  • Check the appropriate box if notification of the created order must be sent to the customer also.
  • Check the fields whose data you want to be included in the notification.

2. Choose the region for display basket block.

3. On permissions page set which roles can use the basket and make purchases.


  • No payment methods. Only e-mail notification.


The project previously was called Node Basket. But due to the fact that the project with the same name already exists on it's renamed as Light Shop.


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