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DO NOT USE. This project is part of the 3.x branch of the Lightning Profile and is not currently intended to be used as a standalone package.

Please search for and file issues in the parent profile's issue queue.

Lightning Layout provides support for the following user stories:

  • When I create a one-off page I want to be able to add blocks and position them for just that page so both the layout and the content are unique
  • When I edit a content type, I want to set a default layout that suits the fields in that type so my content type layouts vary in a way that makes them quickly identifiable.
  • When I create content I want to be able to choose a layout for just one post, so I can use layout to visually emphasize something unique about the content.
  • When I create a one-off page, I want to be able to choose a layout for just that page so that I'm not locked into a pre-defined template.

Lightning includes the Panelizer module, which allows you to configure the layout of any content type using a drag-and-drop interface (Panels IPE). Lightning also includes a Landing Page content type for you to create landing pages with their own one-off layouts and content.

Any content type that uses Panelizer will allow you to set up default layouts for each view mode of that content type, which you can choose from (or override on a one-off basis) for individual pieces of content.

Eight layouts are provided out of the box by Panels. You can create your own layouts (see the Layout Plugin module) or install a contributed library of layouts like Radix Layouts.

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