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LightLazyLoader (LLL) is delays loading of images in long web pages. Images outside of viewport are not loaded until user scroll (vertically or horizontally), resize, click, see css3 animation.
Using Light Lazy Loader make the page load faster - user is able to see content as soon is possible.

Why is this one cool?

  • No dependencies - You only need to include script with LLL nothing more.
  • Detecting CSS3 transition/transforms and Attributes change - Your old Lazy Image Plugin won't work with your great new slider or you need to write extra callbacks to get it to work? No worries LLL will handle that - no callbacks.
  • Dynamic elements support - You're adding new images via AJAX ? No worries. LLL is looking for mutations in your DOM.
  • CSS3 icon - No extra requests for gif with placeholder image.
  • Is simple - look at the source ;-)


Check it out!


How to install

  • Download this module and Libraries module, and put it under your modules directory, enable the module as per normal.
  • Download the LATEST js library from here (at the moment is v.0.2), and put it under directory /sites/all/libraries/lightlazyloader/, so overall it will be like this: /sites/all/libraries/lightlazyloader/src/LightLazyLoader.min.js
  • Ensure the js library are enable from here: /admin/config/media/lightlazyloader
  • That's it.

Configuration settings:

  • Able to define desired path for lightlazyloader to take place.


  • Defined desire path for lightlazyloader to take place.
  • Provide hook for more robust approach on modifying the image markup.
  • Provide un-compressed js file option for debugging.
  • Integrate with Views.
  • TBD

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