This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


NOTE: (Aug 2011) I am no longer supporting the Drupal 5 release of this theme and will work on a Drupal 7 version when I have time (if you want to take over this project, or co-maintain it, let me know).

The theme, Light, was originally created by Stephen Reinhardt for WordPress. I liked the theme so much that I have ported, with permission from Stephen, to Drupal for use on my website, Stephen has kindly allowed any use of this theme and has agreed that the theme can be added to Drupal (yes it was pointed out that this would be under GPL). This has been documented (email) in case further evidence/proof is required.

It is a simple and clean theme ideal for blog's and small personal websites. This is a small project on the side of my normal job, so if any issues are found, please hang in there, I will fix any issues as time permits. I do welcome all constructive feedback.

Please note, the Drupal 6 version is XHTML 1.0 Strict. You may therefore have issues integrating Adsense. Please see Keystones Website for a tutorial on how to resolve using Adsense with XHTML. I will post in more detail when I have tested it myself.

I ask that anyone who uses this theme kindly leaves a link back to both my site ( and the original authors in the footer.

Reporting Problems

When reporting issues, if you refer to another module, please make sure you say what the module is and a link to the project page. If you have styling issues, then please submit screenshots so I can see those issues.

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