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Are you a front-end developer looking to get a Drupal 8 theme up and running using Libsass?

Look no further! Liberty provides an example of how to set up your theme to take advantage of modern front-end technologies.

Best of all, you can create a custom theme for your project by using Drupal Console rather than copying and renaming numerous files from a subtheme starter kit.

Once the Liberty theme is installed, you can create a new custom theme on the command line through the following command: drupal generate:libtheme

To make the most use of this theme, you should have the following command line tools installed:

The architecture for this theme draws heavily upon Lullabot's Windup theme: Kudos to Sally Young, Carwin Young, Mike Herchel, Kris Bulman and the many other front-end developers at Lullabot who have worked to make Windup a useful starter theme that helps to save time when kicking off new projects.

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