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LeagueSite is a Drupal module used to manage sports teams in one or multiple leagues.

The module allows a user to create one (or more) seasons that run throughout a year. These seasons contain leagues, which hold a number of teams. Teams in a particular season and league can be given information such as points won, games played, games won, games lost etc.. and then arranged in a league table.

Additionally, a user can breakdown a match into its scores. For example, in a game you may have a result made up of various scores, such as touchdowns, conversions, penalties. This module allows you to enter and show the result of a match based on these scores.

An additional module supplied with LeagueSite will also allow you to turn this simple breakdown report into a more detailed match report, giving scores times, assigning the scores to players, and also reporting on any penalties or substitutions in the game. All of this is displayable through Views.

This project was initially started in early 2009, but has had its first release in early 2010. While the project is in alpha state, there is always time to consider new features. Please file feature requests in the issue queue and I will do my best to develop the module to everybodys taste.

User Manual
I have started writing up the help for this module. It slowly increases over time when I am bored (which isn't very often!)

I have added a roadmap into the forums here
Expected release date for Alpha5 is sometime in December.
Please have a read before submitting feature requests, and let me know if you would like anything else.

A few views are included with the module, set up and contributed by DeLaPena.

Please Note:
This module is currently in alpha state. While there are not many bugs that I know of, I spend a lot of time adding new features and this means the layout of the module is subject to change, though I will try my best to ensure that changes do not affect users badly. Ensure you back up everything between upgrades, especially if you are using the dev releases. Thanks!

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