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A Geofield widget that provides a Leaflet map and uses the Leaflet widget plugin for adding and removing geometries. Leaflet.widget uses the Leaflet.draw geometry creation tools.


  • Create & manage simple geometries: Point, LineString, Polygon.
  • Maintains complex geometries: MultiPoint, MultiLineString, MultiPolygon and GeometryCollection. (These can't be created yet but it won't mess with your existing data.)
  • Delete geometries.
  • Supports single or multi-value Geofields (cardinality).
  • Use base layers defined by Leaflet module.


  1. Install and enable Leaflet Widget and its required modules in the usual way.
    Learn more about installing Drupal modules.
  2. Download the Leaflet Widget JavaScript libraryand place it in sites/all/libraries.
    Ensure you've a path like sites/all/libraries/Leaflet.widget/dist/Leaflet.widget.js

Further documentation How to install Leaflet Widget for Geofield.


  • Libraries (2.x)
  • Geofield (1.x or 2.x) please use the same module versions
  • GeoPHP 1.x-dev: This module requires the latest dev release as there are issues with parsing GeoJSON in the latest stable release.
  • Leaflet Widget requires Leaflet JS to be available. By default the version bundled with the Leaflet.widget library will be used. However if you have Leaflet module installed and Leaflet JS located at sites/all/libraries/leaflet, that version will be used.

Development sponsored by Affinity Bridge.

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