This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

WARNING: This module is currently no longer developed, and I don't guarantee it would be in the future, since they're doing a great job with the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol module, and the best would be to integrate the contact manager application with that module.

This module provides the ability of access to LDAP directories from inside Drupal, perform full-text or advanced search and even manage (add, edit) entries.
The next goal of the project is to read the LDAP schemas used for the objects to create a cck-like way to manage/display them, and maybe integration with the Views module too.

DEPENDENCIES: This module uses the Net_LDAP2 class from PEAR, so you have to install PEAR in order to use this. (Or, just drop the PEAR and Net_LDAP2 somewhere in the PHP path). Of course, you also need at least one LDAP directory to query..

This project is sponsored by 2V S.r.l.

Planned features

  • Support multiple LDAP directories [implemented]
  • Full-text search, as "contains" filter on many attributes [implemented]
  • Advanced search on directories, specifying multiple filters [partially implemented]
  • Quick-search blocks for fulltext searches [implemented]
  • Custom search results ordering [TODO]
  • Custom search results columns [TODO]
  • Custom search results theming [TODO]
  • Entry displaying / exporting (as LDIF,VCARD,CVS,..) [TODO]
  • Support for adding/editing entries [W.I.P.]
  • Support for custom fields [W.I.P.]
  • Advanced ACLs (with ldap_integration -> each user logs in with its associated dn?) [future]
  • Access to the directory via-XMLRPC [future]
  • Views integration (if applicable..) [future]
  • CCK-like method to manage objects, directly reading object schemas from LDAP [future]


The ldapcm project actually includes these modules:

The formerly LDAP AddressBook module, that should be renamed to ldapcm for namespace issues. It is the base module that contains all the "core" stuff, as well as the querying functions/pages
The module that enables write-access to LDAP. Since it could bring to security issues, it is a separate module to allow it being turned off while maintaining the read-only/querying features on.

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