LayoutStudio Extras is a companion module for the LayoutStudio starter theme. It give themers the ability to:

  • Create a LayoutStudio sub-theme from the Appearance page.
  • Specify layout and layout dimensions changes based on path.
  • Adds drush support so developers can create LayoutStudio sub-themes from the command line.
  • Add a site copyright block with automatic year spanning (ie. 2009-11).
  • Adds a site credit (either with text or image) block (ie. Web Development by Acme Inc).

Drush Syntax

drush layoutstudio [theme_name] [themes_directory]

For example:

drush layoutstudio cooltheme

will create a new LayoutStudio sub-theme in the sites/all/themes directory. If you have a multi-site installation, add the themes directory argument:

drush layoutstudio cooltheme sites/


LayoutStudio Extras was developed by

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