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Last node is a simply module which show the last nodes submitted for each type, sorted by date pointing an url like,

I decided to rewrite and rearrange the code for 6.x in a new branch which need to be reconfigured again by those who want upgrade it from 2.x, i removed things needed only in Drupal 4.6/4.7 and now Last Node fit better with the actual Drupal features.

The rewrite is not yet complete, for suggestions open an issue!

Last node provide:

  • a page for any content type with pager;
  • one block with the main links to last_node/type address for each type allowed;
  • one marquee block with all latest 10 items, belonging to all nodes allowed;
  • one block with latest 10 items for each node type;
  • RSS feed for each node type;
  • at setting page you can associate one picture and one label for most representative last_node/ result.

Last node vs. Views: Last Node don't create other Db Table, it's very fast and easy to use; Views it's more complete but more complex and redundancy-capabilities for my simple use.

In a demonstration site the block last 10 for type is visible just when a node of the same type is show (option auto-hide it's set up)

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