This module creates a Language Field in D7 and D8. It provides a Field Formatter with several options. Flag icons can be used using either the Language Icons module or the Flags module

Per field instance you can decide to display all, all enabled or all installed (including disabled) languages.
You use this if you need more languages, but do not need the translations. Example: Your site contains two configured languages, but contains content type 'Manuals' in 5 languages.
(However, this feature is lost in the D8 version.)

D8 core also has a language widget and formatter for the core language property. Differences between both are:

  • language formatter: show (translated) Name;
  • languagefield formatter: show combination of Language icon, ISO 639-code, (translated) Name, Native name;
  • language widget: only a select list of configured languages;
  • languagefield widget: select list or autocomplete with wide possibility of languages;

A Feeds import mapper is provided for Drupal 7.

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