This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Language Key / Value Field provides a field for storing a pair of language and value, without having to enable any translation module.


In the Lingotek Translation module, we need to track the status of each translation request made to our web services, but that happens prior we have a translation at all.

This field helps us to store that, but can also be helpful for other use cases, so we want to release it independently so everyone can benefit from it.

If you use it, tell me about it so we can expand this project page with more use cases!

Example use cases

  • You want to have links to different language PDF files managed elsewhere, and you want to include the links to all of them as a field.
  • Tell me about yours!

Current status

This module is Drupal 8 only.
At the moment the module only provides the field definition, without any formatter or widget.

Supporting organizations: 
Sponsored initial development

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