Language domains allows you to override the language specific domains configured in your locale language admin settings.

When enabled, the domain setting set in the db (locale module) for a particular language can be overriden in settings.php. You just need to add the $conf entries as follows $conf['language_domains']['<language prefix>'] = '';

This is particularly useful when you have multilingual domains, but don't want to have to continually change them on your dev or staging site when syncing your databases. You don't have to panic to change the domain configurations in the database every time.

This is a very simple module so I'm just going to include the configuration here.

Example use:

As an example, on my live site I may have the 'domain' locale property for French
(/admin/config/regional/language/edit/fr) set as: and the
english domain may be set to

Now on my laptop if I try setting up a development environment and try to drush sql-sync with my database I will be pulling in that configuration and I will be screwed trying to browse to the domains I've set up locally. The only way to be able to change it is in the database itself since I cannot even reach the admin page to change it locally. Panic sets in...

However if I enable the language_domains module I can override the default domains in my settings.php (or settings.local.php if you are awesome) file.

To implement the override you simply add a $conf entry matching each of your configured languages. So for my laptop example where I have English and French domains I would add the following lines to settings.php:

$conf['language_domains']['en'] = 'inenglish.local';
$conf['language_domains']['fr'] = 'enfrancais.local';



1. Add $conf['language_domains']['<language prefix>'] = '<override.domain>'; for
each language you have enabled and configured on your site.
2. Install language_domains in the usual way
3. Flush, at minimum, the menu caches.. or just flush them all.
4. Browse to your overridden domains.

Note: Remember to do all your sites.php and web server configurations to set up you domains first.

-- Any known issues --

Upgrade from 7.x-1.1 to 7.x-1.2

Note!! If you are updating from version 7.x-1.1 to 7.x-1.2 there is a structural change to how the language_domains settings are configured within your settings.php file. You WILL need to update your settings.php file. See the release notes.

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