This project aims at support for LABjs in Drupal. LABjs is a JavaScript loader, used by Twitter, Vimeo, which loads (and executes) all scripts in parallel as fast as the browser will allow.

Special thanks to Kyle Simpson, author of LABjs, who helps me to solve many technical problems.


Once installed, this module looks for all your JavaScript and LABjsify them automatically. This make all JavaScript are loaded in parallel as maximum as browser supports. The other advantage is that script loading does not block page render.

Module developers can indicate which code should not be labjsified.

The below graph shows how DOM processing time is improved with LABjs module.
DOM processing time improvement with LABjs. From New Relic.


Just download and enable the module.


If you are using Google AdManager, please use lazy mode (late loading).

To disable LABjs in certain pages, call labjs_suppress(TRUE) in those page. Useful for admin pages for example.

LABjs requires PHP5.

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