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What is it?

KSS is a "Documentation for any flavor of CSS that you’ll love to write. Human readable, machine parsable, and easy to remember."

With this drupal KSS module you can generate an out-of-the-box living style guide for your custom theme. The style guide gets generated automatically during development.

How does it work?

The Drupal KSS module renders a style-guide page for the active theme, by parsing KSS documentaries, found in all of the themes .css and .scss files. This module uses the kss-php implementation and includes the kss.js front-end lib.

How does it looks like?

Depending on your custom css, it could look like this Github Example.

Install Drupal KSS

  1. Download this module
  2. Execute composer install inside the kss module directory
  3. drush cr
  4. You will see a new Admin Toolbar menu item. Go, check your style-guide!
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