This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This project integrates drupal with the Kiva API. It includes:

  • a simple module -- kiva.module -- that allows you to create a block, listing all Kiva loans with given parameters
  • a feature that allows you associate a Kiva account with a (drupal) user account
  • kivafeeds.module, creates an importer for kiva loans XML, within the framework of the Feeds module

A beta version can be downloaded below. As usual, please don't use this on production sites but please do try it out on a dev/test site and submit bugs, feature requests, etc. via the issue queue.

A huge thank you to quickcel for doing so much on this project.

Both (Drupal6) modules require PHP 5.2+

For more about Kiva:

Next steps:

  • Start a significantly different 7.x-2.x branch
  • kiva.module will focus more on being a flexible, decoupled Kiva API interface
  • kivafeeds.module -- i.e., integration with feeds.module -- will be abandoned/deprecated (won't exist in 7.x-2.0)
  • kivafeeds will be replaced by a simpler, more native module that leverages the FieldAPI, builds a loan content type, and imports data using the newly revamped API module.

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