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Keyword autocomplete on the theme search form.

Keyword Autocomplete lets you add autocomplete functionality to your site's search forms based on previously searched strings. The module saves keyword strings entered in search forms and increments a counter for the strings on subsequent searches. It then populates an autocomplete on search forms from these saved keyword strings in order of the most searched keywords to the least.

The administrative interface lets you view, edit, delete, or add saved keywords so you can seed the autocomplete with keyword strings you think your users will find relevant to your site. Settings let you specify which forms to attach the autocomplete to (search form, search block, search theme form) and how many keyword strings to display.

The module currently offers no scoring based on actual results. This would be a great feature for the future but was not part of the initial specification for the module. You might alternately consider the Search Autocomplete module which returns autocomplete matches based on the search index.

Quick Start

  1. Enable this module on your Drupal site.
  2. Browse to Administer > User management > Access control.
  3. Set the module's permission (administer and view) for the appropriate roles.
  4. Browse to Administer > Site configuration > Keyword autocomplete.
  5. Click on the Settings tab.
  6. Check the checkboxes for the forms you'd like to enable autocomplete functionality on.
  7. Submit the form and get to searching!

More Information

Through the default Keywords tab you can track and manage the keywords that fill the autocomplete table. You can seed keyword strings through the Add keywords tab.

Finally, Keyword Autocomplete will save searched strings even if autocomplete isn't turned on for a search form. This will provide some useful statistics even if you never enable the autocomplete functionality!

Developed by Wombats.

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