This module allows you to embed Keek videos.
This module is available for Drupal 7.

After installing this module, and enabled it...
2-steps Configuration:

  1. In any content type use or add a Field of the type text.
    Content Type 'text' field
  2. Then, set Embedded Keek Video Format on Display settings for chosen field.
    Embedded Keek Video display format

Simply usage: Paste Keek video's URL on chosen field

  1. Copy URL, e.g.!QslAbab
    Copy Keek video URL
  2. Paste URL
    Creating content with Keek link
  1. That's all! Keek video will appear in your content
    Keek video in Drupal Content

Further information:

This module comes with standard formats suggested by Vine.
(Yeah! Vine!, no Keek. Use also Vine module and have standarized size embedded videos)
Vine module:

You can choose between three sizes: Large (600px), Medium (480px) and Small (320px)

Keek size options

Take a look at this! "Small" size
Small embedded Keek video

Include Keeks on your articles and get great social video impact on your websites

A little experience with Drupal was needed for developing this simple module.
Base code was taken from this tutorial
Drupal 7 Tutorial: Creating Custom Formatters with the Field API by Dann Linn

Project Information