What is jZebra?

jZebra is a free, open-source (GPLv3) application to easily send commands to EPL2, ZPLII, CHR, ASCII, RAW or ESC/P printers right from within a web browser. It works by loading a Java applet in the background that can be controlled via JavaScript.

This module is a wrapper that conveniently integrates the jZebra project's code into your Drupal website, enabling users to easily print ZPL/EPL documents and more. The actual jZebra code, which includes the Java applet and JavaScript controllers, is licensed and distributed independently of this module. More details about the jZebra project are available at its homepage.

Unless otherwise noted, the use of 'jZebra' below refers to the project, not this module.


jZebra has been confirmed to work on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera

jZebra has also been confirmed working on the following OSs:

  • Mac OS X 10.4+ (including Lion)
  • Windows XP, Vista & 7
  • Linux (using CUPS 1.3.x)


  • PHP 5
  • The Libraries module
  • Users must have JavaScript enabled and a recent copy of Java installed


  1. Download this module and copy it into your site/all/modules folder as usual.
  2. Next, download jZebra from its homepage and unpack the files into the sites/all/libraries/jzebra folder, such as when you are finished the sites/all/libraries/jzebra/zebra.jar file should exist.
  3. Lastly, enable jZebra in the site's module settings.

A complete installation guide is available in the README.txt file.


Users will need to configure a printer that jZebra can sent data to. Updated tutorials are in the works and will be posted shortly, but in the mean time the following tutorials are available from the jZebra project homepage for Windows XP, Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux.


Usage instructions will be added to the README.txt file in the next release. Until that time, some short usage instructions are available in comment #3 of this issue: #1927494: Add usage instructions to README.txt

Known problems

  • Users may be required to accept a security notification when using jZebra for the first time.


This module was developed by Grindflow Management LLC.

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