This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Junk module adds the ability to move any node to junk (trash) before deleting permanently. Junk can filter out trashed nodes from node listings and Views and has automatic "garbage collector". It is the best and all-in-one solution for this purpose.

Implemented features

- Ability to move node to junk and restore from junk via "Move to junk" and "Restore" buttons on node edit page and in node local menu. The contents of junked node are not displayed to users and it can't be edited. Junked nodes are also filtered out from node listings (may be filtered out from Views as well).
- Automatic "garbage collector" which may delete nodes from junk permanently if they exceed their junk lifetime (i.e. automatically delete nodes for being in Junk for more then 5 days). There is an option to never delete junked nodes automatically.
- It uses CTools Page Manager to limit access to the junked node and alter it's output. This way it doesn't ruin node output of latest Panels 3.0 module (which also uses CTools Page Manager) but integrates with it.
- Integration with Views 2 providing own fields and filters
- Integration with Rules providing 2 events - one for moving node to junk and one for restoring
- Option to unpublish node after moving to junk automatically and publishing it again if restored from junk


CTools (CTools core and CTools Page Manager are required)


Install as usual, see for further information.

If you have any other modules using CTools Page Manager installed (Panels 3 for example) then after installation of Junk navigate to 'admin/build/pages/' and make sure that 'node view' and 'node edit' templates are ordered properly. That means that on 'admin/build/pages/edit/node_view' (in case of 'node view' template) the Junk template should have the highest priority. Same with 'node edit'.


- To move a node to junk use 'Delete' link in the node's local menu or 'Move to Junk' button on the node's edit page. Only users with special permissions or node authors with 'junk own %type% content' permission may move nodes to junk.
- To view all junked nodes navigate to 'Junk' in your navigation menu. There you can clear junk by deleting all nodes permanently. Only users with 'clear junk' permission may delete nodes permanently.
- You may restore nodes from junk on the node's view/edit page or on the Junk page.
- To access configuration page navigate to Administer >> Site configuration >> Junk settings.

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