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Easily display hierarchical select jump menus... from menus.

  • Use core menus to display <select> jump menus!
  • Borrows the CTools builder API plugin.
  • Includes a block for local menu tasks (like node edit tabs.)
  • Use dummy items with Special Menu Items (empty optgroups.)
  • Good looking dash and space indented hierarchy.
  • Pre-built jump menu blocks (one for each menu).
  • Configurable default UI text.
  • When placed via code:
    • Menu can start from ANY parent menu ID.
    • Specify depth or leave as unlimited, think Menu Block.
    • Choose instant action or custom go button text.
    • Set your own text for "select destination"

Here's the function for placing jump menus programmatically. Though it's sacrilege, you can just place this code in a block with PHP input format...

// jump_menu($menu, $parent, $btn = FALSE, $maxDepth = 0, $choose = 'Select Now')
if (module_exists('jump_menu')) {
  echo jump_menu('navigation', 2, 'Go!');

RECOMMENDED: use an awesome jQuery Plugin for display.


  • Depth classes are placed in options for theming... when you know the browser (mobile). Also use CSS2 selectors to style options by value, eg: #block option[value=myurl].
  • Special-case jump menu code *should* be used in a custom module, example in README.
  • For non-coders, the last three parameters are optional.
  • Tip: Use a parent of 0 to show the whole menu tree.
  • Image shown has: depth one, parent zero.
  • Drupal 6 has a CTools dependency.
  • There's a similar (D6) Jump, with jump menus for taxonomy too but less rendering options.
  • There's a similar (D5/6) QuickMenu, which includes block enabling by menu.
  • Menu blocks are now (v1.4) cached per role. Local tasks are not cached. For more granular control and options like per-role-per-page see Block Cache Alter.
  • Taxonomy may eventually be supported, for now see Taxonomy Menu to bring terms into menus.




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