This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides links to post pages to IM-blogging Juick ( Clicking the links will open a new window or tab with Juick in it. The juick it will be in focus and will contain a customizable string which can programmatically include the relevant URL, title, and (if the juick it link appears on a node) taxonomy terms. The Shorten URLs module is used to shorten the URLs if it is installed.

URLs and titles will be for either the node which is being displayed as a teaser or for the current page. Multiple links can appear on the same page, as on a View of teasers. By default, links appear in the Links section when viewing full nodes or teasers.

About Juick ( microblog service, based on the protocol XMPP / Jabber. It allows real-time sharing multi-user text messaging, photos, videos and audio recordings. Supports geo-tagging capacity (binding posts to the point on the map) and extended status (your location, play music, mood). Work with the service from any modern Jabber-client, using your existing Jabber-account on any server: GMail, QIP, Livejournal, and many others. Registration is not required.

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