A Drupal module to provide the jstorage script as a library. Using this module means you do not have to include the jstorage file more than once in any Drupal installation. See for more info on libraries.


  1. Download and unzip this module into your modules directory.
  2. Download jStorage to sites/all/libraries/jstorage so that the js file is located here: sites/all/libraries/jstorage/jstorage.min.js
  3. Goto Administer > Site Building > Modules and enable this module.
  4. Goto Reports > Status reports and look for the line that starts with jStorage to make sure the library is detected correctly.

If you have a dependency on this module and you need a Drupal 8 version, please let me know by commenting on (or creating) the issue called “Drupal 8 Port”. I will prioritize those modules that have the most votes for Drupal 8 first over others.


When you want to use jstorage on a page you must include this line of code:


For info on how to implement jstorage refer to

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