This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Please note: this module is deprecated in favor of the BOTCHA module.


This module is quite fresh so use it with care until bugs have been reported and fixed. Please test this module in a development environment before using.

What it does

The JavaScript Validate Forms project was built to prevent spam without getting in the way of user's interactions with forms. It, like many other spam prevention modules adds a field to your forms. However, unlike some other modules like Spamicide and Gotcha, it does not require the bot to fill in the bogus form item. JS Validate Forms uses JavaScript to fill in the form item with the GMT in seconds as passed in from the server (via Drupal.settings). The server then checks the submission to make sure that the field is filled in and that time has elapsed since the user accessed the page.

Bots normally do not run in a real browser. Thus they may lack JavaScript. Since JS is required to fill in the "hidden" form item, it should be helpful it controlling spam. If the bot fills in the validation field item, it will need incredible amounts of luck to insert a value that is accepted in the server side validation. Essentially, the bot will have to input a GMT timestamp, in seconds, that falls between the access time and a 24 hour window.

How do you use it

It is easy to use...

  • Simply download and enable the module in the usual way.
  • Then give the site admin role (if you have one - not all folks set up a site admin role) the ability to 'configure js validate forms.'
  • Then navigate to the settings page at From here, simply supply the form ID's (or id regex patterns) you want to protect in the text area.
  • Click the use checkbox when you are ready to enable the module on the forms.

Note: The module will not validate your forms unless you have checked the "Use" checkbox.

Some id and pattern suggestions

  • comment_form
  • contact_mail_page
  • /webform_client_form_\d/
  • /user_(login|register|pass)/


Project developed and maintained by the Collective Colors team.


If you use AJAX form submission on the forms you want to protect, this module will not work right. When we have the time we will enable AJAX on JVF.

Thanks, CC Team

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