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About jQuery Pause Module

The module is a wrapper around the jQuery pause plugin and also provides an interface for adding the necessary selectors that the plugin would need for performing the pause events. It should also be noted that this module does integrate with jQ, however it does not require it in order to work.

About jQuery Pause Plugin

Pause is a jQuery plugin that makes it possible to pause and resume jQuery animations. It does so by decorating (overriding) jQuery's animate method with its own, keeping track of running animations and of their progress.

The code is loosely based on BOX's Pause-Resume-animation plugin.

The plugin overrides jQuery's default animate() method, so that any animation started after loading the plugin becomes 'pauseable.' Two new methods are added to every jQuery object: pause() and resume(), with no parameters. Both the new animate() and the other methods can be applied to collection of objects and to objects in an incorrect state (eg. resuming something that wasn't paused) in a robust manner.

See the official plugin's site for more info:

Creating a Newsticker with Views Slideshow

  1. Create your slideshow in views.
  2. Set the settings to:
    Effect: scrollLeft
    Timer Delay: 1
    Speed: 10000
    View All jQuery Cycle Options: true
    Override continuous setting: true
    Override easing setting: linear
  3. Add the following (or some variation thereof) to your jquery pause selectors at admin/settings/jquery_pause:
    $('.views_slideshow_slide').hover(function() {
      $('.views_slideshow_slide').each(function() {
    }, function() {
      $('.views_slideshow_slide').each(function() {

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