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This jquery_jstree module is a wrapper module for jsTree jQuery library. Module integrates jsTree to Drupal so that it can be used in variety of ways. Built-in sub module provides widget for term references. jsTree can be used in custom forms as any Form API element.


  • libraries
  • jquery_update (jquery version 1.9.0 or higher is required)
  • jsTree library
    • Place "dist/" directory of jsTree package to path sites/all/libraries/jstree or use Drush make file that can be found from module directory.

Sub modules


jstree_taxonomy module provides field widget for taxonomy term reference fields.


jstree_example is just an example module demonstrating how jstree elements can be set up in custom modules.

D6 version note

6.x-1.x branch is no longer maintained unless someone wants to step up to do that.

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