Need to use a higher version of jQuery for your module or theme than the one provided by Drupal/jQuery Update?

jQuery Multi allows you to load an extra version of the jQuery library in parallel to Drupal's version, without conflicting with Drupal's version. You can then choose any JavaScript library or files to use the new version of jQuery. No need to alter packaged jQuery plugins!


  • run a newer version of jQuery in parallel to Drupal's without interfering with things that use the default jQuery version, using jQuery's built in noConflict mode
  • use the newer version of jQuery in custom scripts using the provided alias
  • configure specific libraries to use the newer jQuery
  • configure any JS file in the system to load using the newer jQuery
  • compatible with jQuery Update (must be the current 2.x-dev release!!)

Why Another jQuery Module??

  • The main problem with the approach of the jQuery Update module is that newer versions of jQuery tend to break Drupal core JS, as well as contributed JS meant to run on the older version provided with Drupal.
  • This module avoids this problem completely, meaning that you can run scripts with new versions of jQuery as soon as they are available, without having to find and fix incompatibilities
  • You have complete flexibility to choose which version of jQuery to run.


See the README and the API Documentation.

D7, Libraries

The 7.x-1.x version of jQuery Multi is compatible with Libraries 1.x and 2.x, but only uses 1.x Libraries capabilities, and will not be compatible with the jQuery Libraries module. Version 7.x-2.x of this module will attempt to use the full power of Libraries 2.x and be compatible with jQuery Libraries.

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