This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This is just my essential install profile. What I do on nearly every fresh Drupal installation. What does it do?

  1. It alters the Site Config step of the install screens to add this basic information.
    • Site name
    • Site email
    • Site anonymous
    • Userone name
    • Userone email
    • Server country
    • Server timezone
    • And whether or not to Check for Updates
  2. It adds another step to set the install process to set some other basic site information.
    • site slogan
    • stock pages
      • front
      • about
      • unauthorized
      • not_found
      • privacy
      • terms

All of the defaults are stored in YAML files to allow changes to be a part of the repository. Currently Files are not yet implemented.

Eventually Users and Menus will be added to this install profile.

This install profile is designed to create content to ease Drupal 8 development. Once Drupal 8 launches I expect this profile to be a base profile if gets into Drupal 8.

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