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jcarousel block

A jcarousel block module for Drupal 6.x

This module features:
1. Drupal 6 only, as drupal 6 has updated jquery, there's no need to
depend on the jquery_update module.
2. Providing a jcarousel block which can be managed throught the
3. No need to write any HTML or including any JS. If the block shows on
a node page, it reads the images from the node (CCK required).
4. Images are loaded through configurable cck image field. Currently
only supports imceimage and imagefield.
5. lightbox support by default

Required components

To use this jcarousel block in Drupal, you will need to download the jcarousel source code and extract it to the modules folder.

CCK is required because the module reads images from a user assigned imagefield. It can be imceimage or other image type fields, currently supports imceimage and imagefield

Currently non-CCK is possible, as version 1.4 supports reading images from a directory. More documentation will be needed for that option.

Related modules

imceimage : currently supported
imagefield : currently supported
lightbox2 : currently supported

This module is written because current jcarousel module requires a lot of setup to make it work
and is not integrated with CCK.

As it seems to be hard for many people to use the current jcarousel module.

So I created this module with pre-configured options and easy to use.

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