Many social modules exist that allow users to share and/or publish your content to various third-party sites and services. In the information age, more and more companies are adopting social media as a means to promote themselves and/or to engage with peers and customers alike. JASM provides a single place to configure and subsequently promote your site's presence on other sites, like your company's Facebook page, or your company's Twitter feed.

JASM Feature highlights
  • Generates a block with a list of services your site can link to, with class-names for easy theming (e.g a Facebook icon).
  • Generate a list of services (sorted by weight) with a page template variable ($jasm_service_list)
  • Captures data for popular 3rd party widgets, like the Facebook "Like" Box or the Twitter "Profile" widget and generates blocks to place in any region
JASM supported services

JASM supports these services already out the box:

  • Facebook - Service link, Page and Like box
  • Flickr - Service link
  • Foursquare - Service link, Venue widget (from PlaceWidget)
  • RSS - Service link (for local feed)
  • Twitter - Service link, Profile widget, Faves widget and search widget (since 7.x-1.3) API 1 discontinued, coming back soon
  • YouTube - Service link
  • Instagram - Service link to your profile
  • 3 x Custom services you can set up yourself
  • Feedburner - Service link and "subscribe by email" widget
JASM-7.x 1.4

More services coming soon. Please add your requests in the issue queue.

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