This module accelerates the time to implement Janrain Registration into your Drupal web sites, helping you to improve your registration conversion rates by allowing your customers to register and sign-in through their Social Network of choice.

Janrain Registration is a hosted registration and authentication system that allows site owners to provide a central repository for user information, that can be deployed on one or more web sites. Registration and authentication can be done through connection to a social network identity provider such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, OpenID, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others or through traditional form field methods.


  • Social and form based registration
  • Social and form based login and authentication
  • Central data store for one or more sites
  • Single Sign On to federate identity across multiple domains

Version support

  • Drupal 7
  • A PHP version of 5.3.x or above is required.


  • A Janrain Registration application with standard flow provided by your Janrain technical lead
  • Drupal screens files package from your Janrain technical lead

Module Dependencies

This project requires the Entity module.


For detailed installation instructions please refer to http://developers.janrain.com/how-to/integrations/pre-built/drupal-registration

  1. Install the Janrain Registration Drupal module
  2. Copy the HTML, JS, and CSS files to the correct location
  3. Download and install the Entity module
  4. Activate the Janrain and Entity API modules
  5. Configure the Capture version
  6. Configure the Screens Files location (Optional)
  7. Configure Janrain Settings
  8. Configure the Social Sharing Settings for Comments (Optional)
  9. Configure Field Mapping (Optional)
  10. Associate the Drupal Admin Account with a Janrain Account

Additional Resources

For more information about Janrain Registration please see http://janrain.com/product/registration/

As a hosted platform Janrain Registration forms and some user-management functions are centralized external from your Drupal environment. For social authentication with local user-management, see our Janrain Social Login module for Drupal 7: http://drupal.org/project/rpx

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