Looking for Drupal 8 support?

See the Drupal Connector for Janrain Identity Cloud from CI&T at https://www.drupal.org/project/janrain_connect.


This module allows you to quickly integrate the Janrain Solution into your Drupal websites, helping you to improve your registration conversion rates by allowing your customers to sign in, register, and share through their social network of choice, such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, OpenID, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many others.

Janrain’s Customer Identity Management Platform makes it easy for you to acquire and recognize customers across all devices and collect the accurate customer profile data you need to power more personalized marketing.


Janrain’s Drupal integration consists of the following modules and submodules:

  • Janrain (module)--Provides core Janrain services for social and form-based registration, log-in and authentication, a central profile data store, and single sign-on to federate identity across multiple domains.
  • Admin UI (submodule)--Enables the Drupal site configuration to be set up through the Janrain administrative UI.
  • Data (submodule)--Simplifies the mapping of customer profile data from Janrain to Drupal using Drupal Rules.
  • Example (submodule)--Installs Janrain Social Login and/or Janrain Registration UI components on the Drupal site.
  • Social Sharing (submodule)--Enables Janrain Social Sharing to be integrated as a Field in a Drupal site. The submodule supports Janrain Social Sharing v3.0.
  • User Interface (submodule)--Provides management of Janrain user interface elements (widgets) for placement within the Drupal site as Blocks.

Version Support

  • Drupal 7 or higher
  • PHP version 5.3.x or higher


Janrain Social Login + Registration

A Janrain Registration application with a standard flow provided by your Janrain Technical Lead, who will also provide:
--Registration (Capture) application URL
--Client ID
--Client secret
--Drupal screens .ZIP file

The following settings (created for you by Janrain):
--plex_app_id Registration setting
--plex_sso_server SSO setting

Janrain Social Login Only

The API key (secret) provided by your Janrain Technical Lead

Module Dependencies

This project requires the following modules:

  • ECK
  • Entity (Data and Example)
  • Rules (Data and Example)
  • Libraries
  • Services
  • CTools
  • REST Server
  • Date (Example only)
  • Features (Example only)


For detailed installation instructions please refer to: http://developers.janrain.com/how-to/integrations/pre-built/drupal

Additional Resources

For more information about the Janrain module, please see: http://developers.janrain.com/overview/integrations/pre-built-integrations/drupal/

For more information about the Janrain Solution, please refer to: http://janrain.com/solutions

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