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This module provides dynamic substitution of text with dynamically generated images using True type fonts.

Each time a user views a page, pre-defined CSS selectors are sought for and their text is replaced with an image containing the text. The text is rendered according to a predefined "pseudo style" comprised of: foreground colour, background colour, font size and font face.

The key feature of this module is the use of your own True type fonts. This allows organizations who might wish to use customized fonts for their headings, but the huge number of pages would make this a time consuming task to generate each of the images required for each page.

The substitution is done during page load by leveraging the built in Drupal JQuery library, and aims to be as usability compatible as possible for things like screen readers.


* Customized font face, colour and size.
* Target any HTML text selectable with a basic CSS selector.
* Variable cache settings.


* No text wrapping, text will continue on a single line regardless of the parent element width.
* Not very good scaling. Images probably won't scale with text yet.
* Poor support for pseudo styles like :hover and :active


This module is in it's infancy, and currently should not be considered the holy grail of customized font rendering. It is very limited in the amount of control available over text layout. The original intention for this module was to provide an algorithm which would change the heading on each page of a large website - to a customized font, without too much effort.

There are two known alternatives to Just add fonts, these alternatives are dynamic rendering API and the signwriter module in most cases you may find these alternatives more akin to your goals, please consider these modules first since they are more mature than Just add fonts. For the reasoning behind the existence of this module please read the discussion in issue #486426: Identify points of difference from existing module : signwriter.


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