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The purpose of this Module is to integrate the Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) (Version 2.0) into Drupal. ITS 2.0 is designed to foster the creation of multilingual Web content, focusing on HTML, XML based formats in general, and to leverage localization workflows. ITS2.0 is now a recommendation by the W3C!

The following data categories from the ITS2.0 Standard are currently supported:

It creates fields for node types with multilingual support enabled. For this global values there are also site wide defaults and content type defaults. The values of this fields will be added to a linked rules file, when a node is being viewed. To have a valid page markup, you have to use a HTML5 theme!

Also there is a integration with the WYSIWYG Module, which allows you to add the data categories locally to the content, with help of the WYSIWYG Editor.

Currently in development is a new Language Management view, where the user has the possibility to view all the values of the data categories and edit this, without having access to edit the content. It uses the ITS2.0 JQuery selector plugin.

There is a Translator available which uses the ITS2.0 Standard, see TMGMT Translator Linguaserve.


Supporting organizations: 
Sponsoring the development time for creating this whole module package.

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