iToggle module demonstration

iToggle uses the iToggle jQuery plugin to create engaging and interactive widgets for fields and boolean entity properties.

It does the following:

  • Autodetects entity types and boolean properties
  • Provides an extra Views Field for each Bundle/Property combination
  • Provides a new Field Type for storing Boolean data
  • Provides a Field Widget for iToggle Fields
  • Provides a Field Formatter for both iToggle and Boolean Fields
  • Allows iToggle widget to be used for editing node properties: status, promote & sticky
  • Smart access control to make sure only priviliedged users can toggle field and entity property values

The iToggle widgets can optionally trigger ajax requests that change the entity's properties or field values. Permissions are checked and a security token is validated before executing the action to avoid exploits.


Site-builders / Developers

Includes a function to include iToggle javascript library and styles, so it can be used in other parts of your site: itoggle_include_itoggle();


  • The Entity API module (will get dropped in future versions)


The maintainer provides consulting services and paid development, e.g. for implementing a specific feature. Help improving the module and get in contact!

Project Information